The Standard Listing is a 7 day, auction-format listing on eBay that is FREE to list!  The listing includes a gallery picture that shows up in buyer searches and unlimited pictures of the item in the listing.  If the item meets our minimum sale value, we will start the price of the item at $9.99 with no reserve meaning it will sell for whatever price it gets bid up to.   A low starting price attracts more buyers and increases bidding activity throughout the listing.  


Because the item needs to meet our minimum resale value, the item will always sell with this format.  When the items sells, Dropaid, Inc. collects a final sales fee from the final sale price of the item based on a competitive diminishing percentage table. 

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* These percentages include all insertion, listing upgrade and final value fees charged by eBay as well as payment processing fees through Paypal.  Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge a commission and eBay/Paypal fees on top of that.   This method is not straight forward and you really never know how much you are going to receive until the end.  We can tell you what your proceeds will be before the item is even listed!  Shipping and handling charges are always paid for by the buyer.

Final Price

Final Sales Fee*

Item not sold

No Fee


35% of the closing value


35% of  the initial $200.00 ($70), plus 25% of the remaining closing value balance ($200.01—$500.00)

Equal to or over $500.01

35% of  the initial $200.00 ($70), plus 25% of the initial $200.01—$500.00 ($75),  plus 20% of the remaining closing value balance (500.01—closing value)