Whether you are an individual, business or non-profit agency, let Dropaid, Inc. help make selling online an effortless process.† All you need to do is follow three easy steps.†

After your item sells, we will collect and process payment, package your item and ship it to the winning buyer.† After the transaction is complete, we will send you a check.† All you need to do is take it to the bank!†

See how easy that was?† Donít wait, drop off your items and get paid with Dropaid, Inc.!

Simply bring your item or items to us.† We strongly recommend you view our Seller Tips page before bringing in your item.† We also suggest you have an idea what you want to sell your item for prior to arriving.† If you are unsure of your itemís value, we can look at your item and do preliminary research to determine a potential value.† We will go over our listing format options to help you decide on the best option for each item.†† If your item meets our minimum online sale value we will prepare it for listing by researching, documenting, photographing and writing the listing copy.

Large Items: If you canít bring your item to us, we will come to your location and sell your item on site!† This is a no-hassle process for you and you wonít have to waste time setting up appointments and showing your itemsóthe only person to come to your house is the person that paid for it!

Once we have listed your item, you will receive a link to your itemís listing via email so that you can watch your itemís progress.† During the listing weíll handle all potential buyerís inquiries while your identity remains anonymous. This process can be as exciting as receiving your check!

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