A Fresh New Way to Raise Money!

Dropaid, Inc. can be a simple and effective way to raise funds for your school, church, service group or other non-profit organization.† You can choose one of two methods:

Per-Item Fundraising

Register your organization with Dropaid, Inc.† Once you are registered, your members and supporters can drop off their items.† Make sure to tell them to specify which organization they are supporting so that you will receive the funds.† When the items sells, we will forward the proceeds to your organization.

Fundraising Drive

We can help your organization create and run a fundraising drive at your location.† We will provide flyers to distribute and contribution forms for the drive.† The drive can be held at your organization and we can collect items on site.†† Your supporters will receive a link to their itemís auction via email.†† Once we collect payment will we send your organization a check!

Benefits of a Dropaid, Inc. Fundraiser


Less Manpower-The fundraiser can be successful with very little hours put in by organization members.

Better Profits-In a Dropaid, Inc. fundraiser, your organization will receive 75%-85% of funds raised on each item sold, which gives your organization more profit than traditional methods (20%-50%).

Raise More Money-Selling for charity through the online marketplace of eBay will raise more money per item than a rummage sale or door-to-door sales.

Fundraise from other sources- By doing a fundraiser with Dropaid, Inc., your members and their family and friends will not feel pressured to buy anything.

Hassle-free-Unlike most fundraisers, there will be no orders to take, money to handle or products to deliver.† We do almost all the work for you!

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