The Fixed Price w/ Offers Listing  is yet another option to sell your item.  This listing is ideal for unique, high-dollar items and items that cannot be shipped by traditional methods (UPS/USPS) and need a longer exposure time in the marketplace.  This 30 day listing allows you to set a higher asking price with an option allowing prospective buyers to submit their offers to you.  As the seller you will pre-set a bottom line that you would take for the item.  Once listed, Dropaid, Inc. will act on your behalf and accept the original asking price or best offer down to your bottom line.   You will only pay the listing fee per 30 days if the item does not sell.  Some very unique items can take awhile to sell but you are welcome to list as many times as you want. 

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** Items valued at $50 will not have the option to take offers.  Items valued between $50 and $75 may not be able to take offers which will be decided at our discretion. 

This listing method can save you a lot of money compared to paying listing fees on a non-selling auction format item week after week.  This format is becoming very popular with eBay buyers because they can make an offer and buy the item whenever they want.  It is also becoming popular with our clients since they are finding they are getting more money for their items, easily offsetting the difference in commission between this format and the two auction style formats.


Call your local newspaper and tell them you want an ad that you can list for 30 days with full color pictures and can be seen world wide—IMPOSSIBLE!


List an ad on craigslist and try to list it in more than one of their “areas” - THEY PROHIBIT THAT!


Don’t waste your time, effort or money on local ads...worldwide exposure means more cash in your pocket every time!

* These percentages include all insertion, listing upgrade and final value fees charged by eBay as well as payment processing fees through Paypal.  Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge a commission and eBay/Paypal fees on top of that.   This method is not straight forward and you really never know how much you are going to receive until the end.  We can tell you what your proceeds will be before the item is even listed!  Shipping and handling charges are always paid for by the buyer.

Final Price

Final Sales Fee

Item not sold

No Fee


40% of the closing value


40% of  the initial $200.00 ($80), plus 30% of the remaining closing value balance ($200.01—$500.00)

Equal to or over $500.01

40% of  the initial $200.00 ($80), plus 30% of the initial $200.01—$500.00 ($90),  plus 25% of the remaining closing value balance (500.01—closing value)

Starting Price

Listing Fee







$1,000.00 and up