If you donít see your question here or have a large item you canít bring in please Contact Us.† Otherwise read through our Seller Tips, get your item ready and Just drop it off and get paid...itís that easy!ô

Selling in a newspaper is a game of chance.† You are limited to exposure of people in your area to see your very small black and white print ad.† The amount of people that are actually interested in your item is extremely limited.† You may only get a few calls in a weeks time.† By using Dropaid, Inc. and listing online, your item is exposed to a worldwide audience of millions of prospective buyers.† It is easy to have hundreds of people look at your auction when listed correctly.† Plus, you get color photos and a professional ad which is very costly in the newspaper classified section.† Pictures are proven to sell your item!† You get all this and we still cost less to list than a newspaper ad!† You canít go wrong!

Selling in the paper can be risky because you are letting strangers into your home to look at your item.† People have had their homes broken into shortly after they show their item advertised in the paper.† When someone comes to your home to look at what your selling, they may be simply looking for other valuables in your home.† When you drop an item off at Dropaid Inc.,† your identity remains anonymous to buyers.† If we have to sell your item from your home, the only person sent to your home is the person that already paid for the item.† We take enough pictures and describe your item with plenty of detail to make pre-purchase inspections unnecessary (vehicles may still require a personal inspection which can be monitored by our staff).††

First you need to have a good amount of items to have a garage sale.† If you do have a sale and find that one person that wants your item, they will most likely try to haggle with you on the price.† Itís unlikely that you actually get your asking price at a garage sale. Listing with Dropaid Inc. will have buyers bidding your item, driving up the price! You could even get more than you originally wanted for the item!

Buyers typically purchase from reputable sellers (which is measured in feedback). They tend to bid more for items sold by reputable sellers than from a new eBay user with a low or zero feedback score.† In other words, our past performance allows potential buyers to feel more comfortable doing business with us, increasing the amount of money they will pay for an item.† Plus, doing it yourself will take TIME, which for most people is priceless.

We have all of the equipment to generate professional photos and auction layouts.† If† you were to do it yourself,† you will find yourself spending hours to list and ship just one item.†† Our 9+ years of online sales experience has given us the knowledge, ability and resources to research your item correctly which will place your listing in a spot that will maximize visibility and increase the final sales price.†† Our experience also keeps us alert to online scams, which is and will remain a constant threat in the online marketplace.† We make sure your item does not become a target of this activity, especially high dollar items.

If you want to list your item for a specific price, you may have to pay a fee depending on the listing option you choose.† If you choose to list for our minimum, you can list for free!† If your items sells, we charge a competitive fee for our efforts which includes eBay charges and payment processing fees.† Our experience and tools will typically get more for your item than you would selling it yourself online, which can sometimes offset our fees.†† Please see Listing Fees for more details.

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